"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."


Monday, July 12, 2010


DIY is an acronym created just for me. I like to do it myself! But sometimes "IT" is beyond me and I need a little help. Like when it comes to motivation and know-how to make some HUGE changes in my diet and life. Last Monday (July 5th) I started a 21 day raw foods cleanse with the help of the great folks at The Garden Diet and actually made it through the first week without cheating! Err... Except for the compulsive trips to the bathroom scale, which I had banned myself from making... Excessive weigh-ins aside, I am feeling more in control of my food consumption, more in control of my entire life in general. Not to mention I've "let go" of four lbs. This cleanse is easy for a few reasons:

Each week is completely laid out for me, including daily menu, shopping list (for the week), recipes, support group forum (with an assigned pal to help motivate me and for me to motivate), weekly phone calls, email support, etc. The other big factor for me is that the food and recipes are yummy! What's not to love about apple pie for dinner? And finally, and I think the biggest reason I am succeeding, is that I can eat as much of any of the meals as I want. I am not going hungry.

I chose raw foods for two major reasons. I need/want to lose weight, and, I absolutely need/want to improve my health. It's no secret that whole foods are the most nutritionally balanced. Any time food is consumed in it's most whole, most natural state it will provide the very most nutrition per calorie. I guess what I'm getting at is that I wanted every calorie to count. Each time I open my mouth to eat something, I want that something to be helping me to feel better too. BUT...it has to taste good!

This is not my first ride in the raw foods rodeo. I've been researching the benefits and pitfalls of it for five years. There is a whole culture devoted to this lifestyle. Although I'm not really jazzed about being labeled a raw foodist (cuz I'm not really jazzed about wearing any type of label), after a week of feeling more energetic, experiencing more mental clarity, and yes, even some nasty detox symptoms, I'm thinking there is something to this raw foods business.

Stay tuned.

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